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South Asia Centre to host delegation of research scholars from India

AmbedkarAs part of the 125th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Dr B R Ambedkar (Economist, Parliamentarian, Jurist, Social Reformer, Principal Architect of the Constitution of India), the South Asia Centre is delighted to host two delegations of research scholars and government officials for week-long visits (on 24-31 October, and 21-28 November 2015), in collaboration with the High Commission of India in London and the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India. Dr B R Ambedkar is one of the most important alumni of LSE, from where he was awarded his MA and PhD. His doctoral thesis on ‘The Indian Rupee’, written in 1922-23, was later published as The Problem of the Rupee: Its Origin and Its Solution (London: P S King & Son, Ltd, 1923).

There will be two tours of 25 students & three officers each. The objectives of these trips are to:

  1. Show how research students academic and educational facilities available at LSE to give an idea of how HE institutions function in the UK
  2. Show rare document & material collections relevant to India in museums and collections in London 
  3. Provide access to library and archival resources relevant to their research interests at LSE
  4. Make students aware of issues of social inequality, injustice and empowerment affecting contemporary Britain 
  5. Expose students to multicultural global life in London