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Admissions Enquiries/Contact Us

If you are planning to start an application or have started an application and have any enquiry about your application or the application process then you should contact the Graduate Admissions Office| directly as they process, check and are responsible for your application.

For other enquiries you may find the following more useful:

If you have an enquiry about any of our programmes or a general admissions enquiry, such as your suitability for our programmes, you should first look at the extensive information available on the following webpages as it is very likely that the answer to your question will be there:

If your enquiry is not covered by the material above, or you cannot find an answer to your enquiry on other Departmental or School pages then you can contact the Department directly by email: finance.admissionsenquiries@lse.ac.uk|

If you have an active application then please include your applicant ID number as a reference in your email.

If you wish to discuss our programmes or relevant aspects of your application over the phone then you can call us on +44 (0)207 955 7160.

Please note that we are unable to give any kind of informal assessment of your suitability for applying to a programme, or speculate on your chances of obtaining an offer. We can simply check if you meet the minimum entry requirements, if you are unable to ascertain this for yourself. Global equivalents to a 2.1 undergraduate degree in the British university system can be found here|.


The MSc Finance (Full-time) and the MSc Finance and Private Equity are identical programmes with the exception of one exclusive, mandatory, half-unit course in Private Equity which is available to MSc Finance and Private Equity students only, and in which those students must do their dissertation.

Therefore applicants should not select one of these programmes as their 1st course choice and the other as their 2nd course choice. Applicants should select their preferred programme only. If the MSc Finance and Private Equity is your preferred option you should demonstrate why you are particularly suitable for, and want to study, Private Equity.