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Our research is innovative and ground breaking while being rooted in core aspects of our anthropological tradition: long-term ethnographic fieldwork, a commitment to a broad comparative enquiry on human sociality, and a critical engagement with social theory. Our weekly Friday morning Research Seminar is recognized for its intensive debate concerning the directions of contemporary anthropology.

Key thematic areas of research include:

Political economy and globalisation; Development and natural resources Citizenship and the state; Personhood, sociality and subjectivity; Learning and Cognition; Religion and cosmology; Temporalities and historicity;.

Our regional expertise covers: Central Asia, China and Taiwan, South Asia, South East Asia, Oceania and Melanesia, Madagascar, Southern Africa, Latin America, UK and USA.

Over the years, we have achieved excellent results in the national auditing of the quality of Higher Education research activities. In the 2014 Research Excellent Framework (REF), we retained our position as the top Anthropology Department in the country for the quality of research outputs (see REF 2014 Anthropology|).

The research environment of our Department greatly benefits from the regular visits of a range of scholars, who join us through the Visiting Fellows Scheme. For details on how and when to apply, see here|.

We also welcome post-doctoral scholars who wish to base their research activities in the Department. Please note that if you are interested in applying for funding (e.g., British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowship; Newton Fellowship; Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship), you are required to submit your application to the Department at least ONE MONTH before the deadline advertised by the funding body. This is because the application will need to be approved by the Department’s Research Committee and signed off by the Head of Department.


Staff and PhD Regional Research Locations


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Please note that this map represents regional, not exact, locations.

Recent Academic Publications

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