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Welcome to LSE Health and Social Care.


New Eurohealth, Special Gastein Issue on Health in All Politics: a better future for Europe

Eurohealth Volume 23 Number 3

This fifth Special Gastein edition of Eurohealth celebrates 20 years of the European Health Forum Gastein and addresses many topics to be covered in the 2017 Forum on the topic ‘Health in All Politics: a better future for Europe’. Following a guest editorial, health leaders from the European Commission, WHO/Europe, Austria and other important institutions present their views on a better future for Europe. A section on Health in All Policies covers: Investing in healthier cities, Inclusive workplaces, and Harnessing the 2030 Agenda. The Health Systems section addresses: The future of health systems in Europe, Accesses to health care for underserved communities, and Co-creating health to meet local needs. Other articles look at access to medicines and greater efficiency in cancer care, followed by Eurohealth Monitor.

Martin Knapp

New £8 million study to strengthen responses to dementia in developing countries

PSSRU is to lead a £7.9 million project to build research capacity and provide much-needed evidence on dementia care in seven low- and middle-income countries. This work will support the development of national policies for dementia in the face of rapidly growing global numbers of people with the condition.

Funding has been awarded by the Research Council UK (RCUK) through its Global Research Challenges Fund, which aims to ensure that UK research takes a leading role in addressing challenges faced by developing countries. Read more...


New study describes the development of a new value framework for the evaluation of new medicines

A new milestone study by LSE Health’s Aris Angelis and Panos Kanavos has been published in the journal Social Science & Medicine. Funded by the European Commission (Advance-HTA project), the research describes the development of a new value framework for the evaluation of new health care interventions and is specifically designed for use within the context of Heath Technology Assessment (HTA) for the purpose of facilitating coverage and reimbursement decisions of new medicines from the perspective of HTA and payer bodies. Access the article here.


LSE announces new Department of Health Policy

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has launched a new Department of Health Policy, consolidating the School’s existing work and building on its teaching and expertise in the Health Policy field. The new department will build on LSE’s burgeoning Global Health research programme which has seen the recruitment of a number of Global Health experts as well as playing a leading role in the launch of a new School-wide Global Health research initiative. Read more...


New study exposes major flaws in drug approvals

A new study led by Huseyin Naci of LSE Health has exposed major flaws in the fast tracking of some drugs available to the American public without any stringent clinical evidence of their benefits.

Researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the United States say that many US patients with serious illnesses are being treated by drugs which have questionable data. Read more...


New research shows group singing helps people with COPD breathe again

Research involving David McDaid and A-La Park recruited COPD sufferers into singing groups and monitored them over a year, concluding that regular singing has a positive impact on people suffering from the respiratory illness. The findings will be launched at an event on 6 June at the Royal Festival Hall London. Read more...

LSE CEP Election Brief Health

The NHS and Social Care: Prospects for Funding, Staffing and Performance into the 2020s

Professor Alistair Maguire of LSE Health has authored a new CEP Health Briefing exploring prospects for funding, staffing, and performance of the NHS into the 2020s, as well as the crisis of funding in the delivery of social care for the elderly.

Download the full briefing here.


Interdisciplinary Global Health research platform hosts internal launch

LSE staff and students from across the School came together to discuss their Global Health work at the internal launch of the multi-disciplinary Global Health Initiative. The event kicked off with a seminar exploring how Global Health is currently addressed at the LSE, with presentations by Elias Mossialos (LSE Health), Cathy Campbell (Psychological and
Behavioural Science
) and Ken Shadlen (International
).


LSE Health Director to co-Chair key WHO public health, innovation and intellectual property review panel

LSE Health Director, Professor Elias Mossialos has been elected to co-Chair a new review of the WHO’s global programme work in public health, innovation and intellectual property. Established at the request of the WHO Director General, the committee’s focus will be on reviewing the existing Global Strategy and Plan of Action and providing a new framework and action plan for the future. Read more...
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The latest issue of Health Economics, Policy and Law is now available online

In this issue, there are articles on some of the implications of Brexit; on health institutions in emerging economies; on court reimbursement decisions, and on health plan choice, in the Netherlands; on defensive medicine in Belgium; and on identifying value dimensions in health care (written by Joan Costa-Font and his colleagues).

The issue can be accessed here.


New Eurohealth on Harnessing Big Data for Health

Eurohealth Volume 23 Number 1

Edited by Sherry Merkur, Anna Maresso and David McDaid, this issue’s Eurohealth published by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies  (in which LSE Health is a partner) looks at harnessing big data for health. The Eurohealth Observer section presents two articles: Connecting the dots - putting big data to work for health systems, and Big data for better outcomes - supporting health care system transformation in Europe. The International Section contains an article which discusses the health priorities of the 2017 Maltese EU Presidency. The Systems and Policies section looks at four topics: Reforms to inpatient care in Slovakia, American health law changes under the Trump Presidency, Health care reform in Kosovo, and Brexit and health in the UK; and Eurohealth Monitor.


New Eurohealth, Special Gastein Issue on Demographics and Diversity in Europe

Eurohealth Volume 22 Number 3

This issue’s Eurohealth, which addresses many topics covered in the 2016 European Health Forum Gastein on the topic ‘Demographics and Diversity in Europe: New Solutions for Health’ is published by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies   (in which LSE Health is a partner). Health leaders from the EU, WHO/Europe, Austria, Slovakia and other important institutions present their views and ideas. The Observer section covers: Reconciling demographics and diversity, Inter-culturally competent health care, Health literacy, Innovative solutions for health, Dementia, and the Life-course approach and intersectoral action. The International Section contains articles on: Life-course vaccination, Innovation and patient benefit, Hearing loss, and Health priorities of Slovak EU Presidency. The International Section contains articles on: Refugees and German hospital care, and Big data for health services research.

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Listed below are the three most recent blog posts from the LSEHSC blog:

Getting research into policy in health: The GRIP-Health project
by Justin Parkhurst For many, the idea that health policy should be informed by evidence is an obvious goal. And indeed, the global health community has widely called for increased use or uptake of research and evidence, in health policymaking. However, a vast majority of these calls have been made without explicit recognition of the decidedly political nature of policymaking, […]

Direct payments in residential care
by Daniel Lombard Direct payments have been extended to people living in residential care in England for the first time, in a pilot programme initiated by the Department of Health (DH). The payments are one method of delivering personalisation, an approach towards public services where support is tailored to the needs and preferences of individual people, in order to promote […]

Autism through an Arts Lens: Comments on PSSRU’s LSE Literary Festival Session
by PSSRU organising team Autism through an Arts Lens takes place on Wednesday 22 February, 7.00-8.30pm in the Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE. This event is free and open to all. Tickets will be released on Tuesday 31 January. Over the last week we have received some useful comments and queries on our session on Autism through an […]